An estimated 17.6 million orphans are waiting for us to do something. In the United States, more than 100,000 children are waiting for a family. Our goal is simple: DECREASE THAT NUMBER—even if it's just by ONE child. 

Pre-screening information:

Free pre-screening license


  • Raise awareness for the orphan, trafficked, & children living at risk.
  • Family friendly and Christ-centered.
  • Community outreach event.

Andrew Cheney, Kaitlin Cheung, Brian Fong, &  James Kyson (NBC’s Heroes)
Screenplay: Brian Godawa (To End All Wars) & Austin Sheeley.
Consulting Producer: Cheryl McKay (Screenplay: Ultimate Gift)

Pastor & Leader reviews:

Fourth World was an eye opening experience into the lost, and often overlooked world of orphans throughout the world.  As Christians we need to be reminded that we too were once orphans in desperate need of a loving Father.
- Randy Shultz, Teaching Pastor, Temecula Hills Christian Fellowship


David Bolt's film Fourth World is a triumph for adoption of orphans. It resonated deeply and emotionally with my wife and I as adoptive parents. Fourth World speaks up for God's love for orphans.  Fourth World is a must see!
-Craig Poston, Ph.D., Director of Global Church Ministries


"Fourth World is a moving depiction of the reality that many children face around the world. It is a call to action for Christians to follow Him into the messy, scary world of caring for the orphan. If you have those in your church who are praying about adoption or foster care or if you have a passion to lead your church to care for the orphan as Christ has commanded us, I would highly recommend showing 'Fourth World' to your congregation as a means of piercing through the unknown and stirring them to action."
- James Blankenship - Sr. Pastor, Sand Hill Baptist Church, Ellisville, MS