Our Mission:

Not just the title of a film, “Fourth World” refers to the violent, exploitative place between the cracks where the world’s most vulnerable children are trafficked and struggle to survive—a world even lower, less secure, and more painful than the Third World.

The Plan:

An estimated 17.6 million orphans are waiting for us to do something. In the United States, more than 100,000 children are waiting for a family. Our goal is simple: DECREASE THAT NUMBER by inspiring audiences to get involved in helping:

  • Orphans—children waiting for a forever family.
  • The Hungry & Sick—children dying of malnutrition and preventable diseases.
  • The Trafficked—children forced into slavery.
  • Street Children—children at risk of being recruited into gangs.
  • The Lonely—babies and children waiting to be visited, loved, and protected.